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Who is Hélène ?

Hélène and Roger are the grandparents of the founder of the ‘Les Cocottes d’Hélène’ restaurant.
Roger was a blacksmith by trade, while Hélène cooked for all of the workers and their friends.
This is how ‘Les Cocottes d’Hélène’ all started.



Hélène, the eldest of 3 brothers and sisters in Wittelsheim, Alsace, was destined to take the Holy Orders, but she would instead choose to help at the stoves and in the dining room of the neighbouring restaurant.


On the 1st of December, while a regiment in garrison was visiting to celebrate Saint Eligius (the patron saint of farriers and blacksmiths) in her restaurant, Hélène was invited to the table and placed between the vet and the blacksmith farrier, Roger, who then gave her a chocolate horseshoe… it was love at first sight!


With the regiment leaving for Clermont Ferrand, Hélène took the decision to go and find Roger, alone in a France that was plagued by war. She was in love and had the carefree attitude of her 17 years of age. At this time she worked as a waitress and a chef.


At 19 years of age, she married Roger, lying slightly about her age. In those days, the legal age of consent was 21. He gave her an array of saucepans as a wedding gift!


After 15 years of the army for Roger, the couple arrive in Port-sur-Saone. Two opportunities would open themselves up to the couple : a workshop and a restaurant. In the end it was the workshop that was chosen. A forge for the blacksmith, and, beyond the anvil, the kitchen table was symbolic… and regularly received visitors!


In Coupvray, ‘Les Cocottes d’Hélène’ finally finds a place to welcome a wider public… a former blacksmith’s workshop! It could be a coincidence or it could be fate… Roger, a blacksmith who went blind, is here once again in a forge within Louis Braille’s home city (the inventor of the tactile, protruding dot writing system ‘braille’ for the blind and visually impaired). If Hélène is no longer behind the stoves, the spirit, bravery and warmth of Hélène and Roger are the foundations of this restaurant.


It’s your turn… come and enjoy a tasty meal with us!

The concept ?

Exploring the finest of French gastronomy with fresh produce cooked by our chef.

  • Quality food inspired French tradition
  • A fully stocked wine cellar with wine tasting available
  • A meeting point and a place of social interaction that is more than just a restaurant.
  • Music themed evenings, games nights and events
  • Cookery workshops
  • An on-request bus service




We have between two and three different casserole dishes per week, depending on the fresh produce delivered, the season, or the evening’s sporting event! The casseroles can be eaten in the restaurant or made to take away.



Carte & Set Menus


We have a ‘starter, main course and dessert’ set menu at 28€.A la carte is also available with starters at 10€, main courses at 15€ and desserts at 7€ (guide prices)

We also have an ‘express’ lunch menu at 15€, either a starter and a main course or a main course and dessert which includes the casserole / dish of the day.



The blackboard


Here you’ll find the chef’s suggestions… discover something new every day!


Wine Bar


French fine dining also means there is a variety of wines to go with your meals. We have more than twenty wines by the glass and a wine cellar to suggest the perfect match according to your tastes.


Seafood service


For Sunday lunch, choose between seafood or traditional dishes.




A special message for children young and old : On Sunday evenings and on Mondays, we do crêpes!!! (these can be eaten in or made to take away)

This Autumn

Example menu


  • Pan-fried seasonal mushrooms
  • Cream of green lentil soup, preserved gizzards and a chestnut tuile
  • Ginger-flavoured mackerel rillettes, Ostergruss radish strips
Main courses
  • Grilled roast skate wing with a curried leak stew
  • Slow-cooked veal fillet served with cabbage braised in lard and thyme
  • Strips of rump steak with a grainy mustard crust and chicory lettuce baked in butter
  • Caramelised upside down pear cake with almond milk ice cream
  • Tonka bean infused rice pudding with crunchy hazelnuts
  • Seasonal fruit salad served with the ice cream / sorbet flavour of the day

Casserole dishes

Here are a few examples
North East Region

Hauts de France

  • Flemish sweet and sour beef and onion stew
  • Chicken with Maroilles cheese sauce (Maroilles is a very pungent cow cheese produced in the Avesnois region)
  • Lamb stew with vegetables

Grand Est

  • Sauerkraut cooked the Strasbourg way, with Strasbourg sausage and smoked bacon
  • ‘Baeckeoffe’ casserole – a dish with sliced potatoes, onions and meat which is marinated overnight in Alsatian white wine
  • Zander fish cooked in Riesling white wine served with poached cumin dumplings

Bourgogne – Franche-Comté


  • Bresse Gauloise chicken in a mustard sauce
  • Smoked Morteau sausage served with a lentil stew
  • Chicken cooked in Burgundy wine
South East Region

Auvergne Rhône Alpes

  • Diot pork sausage cooked on a bed of cabbage
  • St Etienne stew (a lamb stew with diced potatoes and carrots)
  • Auvergne Truffade (a thick pancake with thinly sliced potatoes cooked in goose fat mixed with thin strips of Tome fraîche

Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur


  • Bouillabaisse (A Provençal fish stew)
  • Monkfish stew
  • Casserole of stuffed Mediterranean vegetables


  • Toulouse slow-cooked casserole with pork sausage, pork skin and white beans
  • Spicy Perpignan omelette
  • Confit of duck with duck fat roast potatoes

Nouvelle Aquitaine


  • Thick Gascony stew cooked with ham, cabbage and mixed vegetables
  • Pork stew cooked in Basque country cider
  • Eel casserole cooked in a red wine and cognac sauce
North West Region

Centre Val de Loire

  • Ham cooked in a creamy Sancerre sauce
  • Leg of rabbit cooked in a mustard and shallot sauce
  • Wild boar simmered for 7 hours in the pan

Pays de la Loire

  • Clams filled with homemade pasta
  • Chicken, rabbit and ham casserole cooked in Muscadet wine
  • Zander fish served with a Noirmoutier potato stew


  • Mackerel fish in white wine
  • Atlantic pollock steak
  • Pork belly on a bed of white coco de Paimpol beans



  • Saltbush braised lamb shanks
  • Breast of chicken in a Camembert cheese sauce
  • Shellfish casserole cooked in Calvados apple brandy
Ile-de-France (greater Paris region)
  • Cod served with a white wine and shallot sauce
  • Brown veal stew with tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Shepherd’s Pie


From Tuesday to Saturday, Hugues Ouvrard is at the stoves to help you discover the finest of French culinary tradition.
On Sundays and Mondays,Eric Chantrel will treat you to the freshest of seafood and the sweet treats that are his crêpes.


The restaurant is pleased to welcome you from Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 2.30pm and from 7.30pm to 10pm.

Contact : 01 64 18 05 35

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Les Cocottes d’Hélène
Place de la Forge, 29 rue de Paris
77700 Coupvray (facing the town hall)

Opening hours

7 days a week, 12:30pm-2:30pm and 7:30pm-10:00pm

Les cocottes d'Hélène

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